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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.How do I access the site to fill up the Online Recruitment Registration (ORR)?

You should log on to to access the home page of the online Recruitment application.

2.When can I apply online application for a particular Recruitment? Can I apply any time during the year for a particular Recruitment?

An applicant can apply for a particular Recruitment only when it has been notified by the Institution. Brief information containing the extracts of the Recruitment which is being notified is published in the leading News Papers while complete and detailed information is available in  

3.Can anyone apply online for a particular Recruitment?

Yes, an applicant who fulfils the eligibility criteria prescribed in the notification (i.e. the detailed information available on website ) can apply for that particular Recruitment.

4.Are there any detailed instructions to guide an applicant for submitting an online application?

Yes, for filling up the Online Recruitment Registration an applicant must refer to "Instructions to the Candidates for filling Online Recruitment Registration" displayed on the righthand corner of "Vacancies" page of the Institution.

5.What should I do if there is lot of delay in accessing the page?

The delay in accessing the Page depends upon various factors like Internet Speed, large number of applicants trying to register the application at the same time etc. Therefore, if you are not able to get the page for registration promptly, please retry after some time or during off-peak hours or have stable & high-speed Internet.

6.Is it necessary to fill up the details related to pin code/phone No. with area code/Mobile No./email?

Pin-code, mobile no. and e-mail address is mandatory to be filled in by the candidate. The Institution may communicate electronically with applicant if mobile number and e-mail address is provided by the applicant.

7.How do I move to the next page when columns on one Module/Section(Page) have been completely filled in?

Applicant shall click ‘Next’ button provided at bottom of the page after filling all mandatory fields.

8.Do I have to pay fee?

Yes, it is based on the Post Applied.

9.What is the procedure to pay the fee for the Online Recruitment Registration?

Applicant can pay by VISA/MASTER/RUPAY DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD issued by any bank/institution or by using Net Banking Facility or Wallet.

10.I have made the payment through Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking facility but the ORR System is showing as fee not paid. How can I check/update the payment made?

In such cases, you have to make payment again and again till payment details are updated in the ORR System. It is advised that if even after repeated attempts one is not able to pay the fee through credit/debit card, then he may either switch over to payment by Internet Banking. After completing the fee payment process you should be able to see your application from "MY DASHBOARD” with system generated Enrolment No and filled in details.

11.I have made multiple payments through credit card/debit card. Whether amount will be refunded back to me?

Yes, extra payments made against an application number shall be refunded automatically within 5-7 working days.

12.I have submitted the Online Recruitment Registration. Should I send the printout of the application to the Institution by post/by hand?

No, you are not required to send the printout of the application to the Institution by post/by hand. However, if you are shortlisted for interview, then you have to bring the printout of your online application along with other necessary documents.

13.I am filling up the various modules in the Online Recruitment Registration and the process is yet to be completed. I want to change the filled-up information in one/many columns. How should I do this?


I have submitted my Online Recruitment Application. I have made some errors. What should I do to remove these errors? or "I want to change my uploaded photograph and signature?"

You can change/update the information during registration process before the submission of the Online Recruitment Registration. System will show the preview of the completed application. You are advised that you submit your Online Recruitment Registration when you feel that all information is correct. Once submitted, the information filled cannot be changed anymore. Candidate is also advised to check the quality of photo and signature being uploaded.

The candidates may note that in case the quality of photograph/signature is not acceptable/ poor, then their application is liable to be rejected by the Institution.

14.In which format the scanned photograph and signature should be?

The images of the photograph and signature should be scanned in the .JPG,.JPEG,.PNG format.

15.Whether the photograph should be in Black & white or should it be in a colour?

Both are acceptable as long as they are as per the given specifications and also quality of photograph is good enough to be identifiable and acceptable.

16.What should be the size of the scanned photograph and the signature?

Each of the scanned images of the photograph/signature should not exceed 50 KB in size and also to be ensured that the uploaded photograph/signature are proper.

17.If the Photograph is not of the proper pixel size given, then how to convert it?

Use any image editing software such as MSPaint or Irfanview. To delete the unnecessary print area, use the CROP option after selecting the Image. To resize to proper pixel size use the resize option.

18.If the Photograph is not in the desired format, then how to convert it?

If the image is in any other format such as .tiff, .bmp etc, then open the photo in MsPaint or Irfanview and click save as option to save it in the desired format.

19.How do I load my signature/photograph?

The scanned photograph and signature, in the prescribed format and specification, are to be uploaded in the “Upload photo & Upload signature” tab.

20.My photograph and signature uploaded on the website are not appearing to be in order. What should I do?

After uploading the photograph and signature, click on next and click on ‘Form Preview”. It will show the preview of the uploaded images and filled details. If, the applicant is satisfied with the uploaded images he may click on ‘Proceed for Payment”. In case the applicant is not satisfied with the uploaded images, he may click on the ‘Back’ Button to reload the correct images. The process can be repeated till satisfaction. The Candidates may please note that if the quality of photograph/signature is poor or it is not in the prescribed format and specification, the application is liable to be rejected. The system will not allow any changes in the photograph/signature after generation of Enrolment ID.

21.What other documents am I supposed to upload?

NIL, All documents will be verified during the Personal Interview stage as per data provided by the applicant.

22.I did not receive the e-mail intimation for submission of my Online Recruitment Registration?

You will receive an E-mail containing Enrolment ID.

23.After filling up the Online Recruitment Registration, I got Blank Screen / Internet got disconnected / My PC closed/hanged / shutdown. Is my application saved?

You should have the uninterrupted power supply and stable Internet during the registration process. ORR will not save any data till the generation of Enrolment ID.

24.How do I know that my Online Recruitment Registration is saved and have been received ONLINE in the Institution?

Enrolment ID will be generated at the end of the registration process.

25.What details should I retain after completion of submission of my Online Recruitment Application?

It is strongly advised that after the completion of the process of submission of the Online Recruitment Registration, the applicant must note down Enrolment ID and keep it safe for future reference. The candidate is also advised to keep his fee payment proof which might be required by the Institution in case of any discrepancy.

26.What details should I provide while making correspondence with the Institution?

In case of correspondence with the Institution, an applicant must mention these details -Name of post for which he applied, Post Code, Advertisement number, Enrolment ID, Applicant's name, father's name and date of birth.

27.I am facing problem in completing my Online Recruitment Application (ORA). How should I resolve my problem?

Kindly proceed as follows:-

Step 1 - Ensure that your Web Browser/ Internet Browser is of the latest version, JavaScript is enabled, the Pop-up blocker is disabled. If the problem still persists, go to step 2.

Step 2 - Again refer to the relevant items/sections of the following documents accessible through the web links:

Employment Notice: General Instructions

Instructions to the Candidates


Step 3 - If the problem is still not resolved, kindly communicate the problem being faced by you to us using the “Support” link available on the Login page.

In your feedback, please provide your problem details, so that the Institution may contact you to resolve your problem.

28. Is Aadhaar Card mandatory for the applicant?


29.Where do I contact for any queries related to the recruitment for the post for which I have successfully submitted my online application?

Please refer to our website for details like Interview Schedules, Results, Corrigendum etc.

You may also contact us at on 011-40113582 or write us at [email protected]