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Grassroot NGO’s in India have been playing a crucial role in the social and economic growth of the nation, also empowering the bottom of the social and economic pyramid. However, there has always been a need for a dedicated and effective that is focused on enabling small, genuine NGO’s to bring excellence in their efforts. “DAYITVA” is a national level programme (An IIFH Initiative) focused on enabling genuine grassroot NGO’s across India to bring excellence, good governance and sustainability in local areas by methods on various aspects of capacity building and empowerment such as effective leadership for development, management and strengthening,
5C Model of building organisational competencies and good governance, involving local support for sustainability,
betterfundutilization, meeting the expectations of donors, good fundraising practices, communicating with the stakeholders etc. are deployed for enabling grassroots NGO’s under the programme.


Speak 3i (Intellectual Intensive Ideas)

Speak 3I (Intellectual Intensive Ideas) is a unique platform that focuses on the issues, challenges and opportunities for the India proudly known as “Bharat”. It welcomes all people irrespective of class, creed, colour, caste and culture, who care for India. Everyone has a lot of fabulous ideas which can make; India of ours dream. To make that idea work, to make it happen so that it can benefit all, we all have to speak and share it first.

We organise the gathering of policy makers, public intellectuals and all those who care for Bharat, my Motherland. We strive to make you, speak your ideas and make your ideas actionable by sharing with policy makers. In this platform, we all cover regional, national and global issues which can impact India.

We focus on a range of issues of relevance and interest shown by think tanks and its supporters but this is not a typical NEWS displaying platform.We hope that our initiative and the articles and the resources published here will support think tanks, policy makers, civil society, academicians, bureaucracy, eminent persons and political person to be more strategic in the ways they make short and long-term decisions; and this will result in better policy advice and policy outcomes for all of us.

Research Fellowship Programme (RFP)

The RFP is to enable and engage scholars of outstanding merit, to work on research projects that unravel their unexplored resources. The institutions as well as scholars may identify areas to be explored, but the subject of research need not be confined/ limited to one institution.

The RFP has been introduced in order to invigorate and revitalise the various institutions in the country, by encouraging scholars/ academicians to affiliate themselves with these institutions to work on projects of mutual interest. With a view to infuse fresh knowledge capital into the institutions, the scheme expects these scholars/academicians to select specific resources of the institutions to take up projects and research work that are related to the main objectives of these institutions and to enrich them with a new creative edge and academic excellence. The RFP is open to both Indian nationals and foreign citizens. 

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