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Welcome To IIFH


IIFH - New Delhi, is Government of India Registered Autonomous Organisation. It is an India based Independent, Non-Partisan organization that works in all legal means to strengthen the humanity. We are think-tank that assists in the improvement of governance processes, policies, key national and international issues to promote equal opportunities to enhance the quality of life, wellbeing of the people, peace and global harmony. We undertake research, conduct studies, interact with civil society, thru seminar, workshops, conference & survey on issues of governance and national interest.

We engage fellows, consultants, subject matter specialists and research associates for works related to it. This endeavour of serving humanity is supported by leading social worker, socio-political thinker, politician, intellectuals, volunteer, academicians, policy makers, eminent peoples, business leaders, other think tanks institutions and civil society representatives.

We strive to become global think tank by bringing together the Intellectual’s, Civil Society, Government and NGO’s across the world to ideate and work on international and global issues that further strengthen the cause of humanity through its various program’s / projects / events / survey and association or partnership with individual, government and non - government organization in different parts of India and abroad.

IIFH is the premier policy 'Think Tank' for the Government of India. Providing both directional and policy inputs while designing strategic & long-term policies and programmes for the Govt. of India.  IIFH also provides relevant technical advice to the NITI Aayog.